How many deals do you have in the customer contact phase? Or in quote? And what is the value of the orders in closing?

We totally understand that, as a sales rep, it’s important to keep track of your sales pipe and ongoing deals. That’s why we’ve now made the sales reps days even easier with our new sales widget!

When you login to the Lime CRM web client, the first thing you’ll see is your “To do”-list and our new, awesome, sales widget! The widget will give you a great overview off your (and your company’s) number of active deals, divided into all stages of your sales pipe – awesome right?


How does it work?

So what deals are shown in the widget? Well, the widget collects all deals automatically, and then divide and displays them in the right stage of your sales pipe. If you are responsible for any active deals, then you can also chose a separate view, and display just your deals – Yey!

Är du nyfiken på vad Lime CRM kan göra för dig?
Vill du samla all din information i ett system, hålla ordning på dina projekt eller kanske få påminnelser när dina kunder behöver extra kärlek? Med Lime CRM är allting möjligt!

Testa gratis nu!